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Analysis of Camera Shots

Here is an emaze I have created which is the analysis of camera shots. This post is created via emaze – to view the emaze select the image below where you will be navigated to a new tab with the complete post.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 14.03.56.png


Analysing Real Main Task

Here is a video that I have created with me highlighting the post modernist attitudes in Chris Brown’s, ‘ayo’ The volume did not sucsessfully record, meaning you will have to turn your volume up to hear what I am saying. This post shows my outside knowledge in media and how I can bring my analytical skills to better myself as a media student, and gain more knowledge regarding present music videos. I have made this video with an element of humour, which I have included to make my video more engaging.

Analysis of Student Advert

On this blog post I shall be reviewing other students advertisements, what I believe was successful, and what I can ultimately learn from this. I believe this could be beneficial to me, as i can gain an understanding of what to include in my own advertisement and how to lay mine out.

Overall, looking the advertisement below, it is eye catching and different to a conventional advertisement. It does not have the actor included, however it has the main prop. This shows that the prop had more importance than the actor in this specific music video. This also reflects the music video as quite symbolic. It is evident that the image has been edited – the mask reflects off the light and the depth of field blurs out the background, showing only the mask and the background.

The font is quite alternative – you could potentially assume that the style of music is quite delicate like the font. In conventional advertisements, the name of the artist is outlined in bold. However, in this advert the name of the album is highlighted. This shows that the album must have been a big hit.

I really like the conventional features such as the star rating – the star rating included has inspired me to include this in mine. They have stated that top newspaper and journalist companies such as the ‘guardian’ and ‘NME’ rated this album cover highly. It is important to quote the positive recognition from high end companies to gain a positive outlook on the album from demographics. This also makes the album look prestigious, amongst other albums who may have not gained this recognition.

At the bottom of the advertisement, there is also social media sites quoted at the bottom. Social media is relevant when attempting to boost revenue, especially when targeting media to the younger audiences. I also found it interesting that there is a link to a website at the bottom – when analysing real life advertisements, I did not come across this. However, Ellie has subverted conventions and used her creativity to create a successful advert.

The quote, ‘featuring youth’ shows Ellie featuring her actual song choice in the advertisement. This makes it more personal to Ellie and the music video. There are key links from the music video to the advertisements – the mask, the colour scheme, the thorns, and the font which was included on paper in the music video. I would be able to recognize instantly in store what music video this linked to.