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Production Diary 18

Here is a production diary which I created on photobooth.


Rushes Log

This is my rushes log. A rushed log is important to keep as this makes it easy for the editor to reference back to particular sections of the music video through the file name. This is also useful for the audience to recognise the amount of editing that goes on behind the creation of the music video.

Production Log 16

Over the Christmas break I have been focusing on the exam side of the course meaning I have not been attentive towards my blog. However in the upcoming couple of weeks I am aspiring to complete my rushes log, and my final products including my digipak, advert and music video. With already having drafts, making adjustments to my projects should not be a process that is too time consuming, however it does require a critical eye and concentration. After I have completed this process, I hope to move onto my evaluation and wrap up the blogging.

Digipak and Advert Audience Feedback

Today I gained audience feedback with Jess whom is a media student. We looked at each others works and gave comments regarding what we thought was successful and what could be potentially improved. With just recently creating my first draft of my digipak and advert I felt the need to gain different perspectives on what I could improve. I decided to choose Jess to complete this as she is a high achieving media student, and is in the process of A levels herself which shows she is knowledgeable in this field. It was also really useful to provide feedback for her work, as this provided inspiration but was also insightful to see how differing music genres cause a shift of colour scheme, and representations of protagonists.


Digipak First Draft

Here is my first draft for my digipak. I created this via InDesign which also provided me with a template.

I still have a lot of areas to work on, for example the blank photographs, and the title page. To make my digipak successful when folded, I also need to flip the top section of the digipak so it is upside down, meaning it would be the correct way up when folded. I shall be experimenting with different fonts and I shall also be including some song lyrics on the blank images! Overall I am happy with the aesthetic of my digipak, it is vibrant and has a green and blue colour scheme which I intended prior the creation of my piece. I shall be working on this in the future.


Production Log 15

I have recently been working on my digipak. I shall be updating my process and including in more detail the pros and cons.

This lesson I began inserting the text and particular detail for my digipak. This is quite a time consuming process as I want my digipak to look conventional. I have included key conventions such as bar codes, the actual CD, and some small logos which refer to the companies that distribute Coldplay’s music. I have yet to include social media tags. I think I shall include this in a small font amongst one of the images that I have not included any writing in. I am also planning on including some song lyrics in the empty spaces which will relate the digipak closer to my music video. So far I have obtained the colour scheme of green and blue. I would like to further explore different style of fonts as I feel that InDesign does not have a lot to offer that would suit my aesthetic.