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Production Diary 18

Here is a production diary which I created on photobooth.


Production Log 16

Over the Christmas break I have been focusing on the exam side of the course meaning I have not been attentive towards my blog. However in the upcoming couple of weeks I am aspiring to complete my rushes log, and my final products including my digipak, advert and music video. With already having drafts, making adjustments to my projects should not be a process that is too time consuming, however it does require a critical eye and concentration. After I have completed this process, I hope to move onto my evaluation and wrap up the blogging.

Production Log 15

I have recently been working on my digipak. I shall be updating my process and including in more detail the pros and cons.

This lesson I began inserting the text and particular detail for my digipak. This is quite a time consuming process as I want my digipak to look conventional. I have included key conventions such as bar codes, the actual CD, and some small logos which refer to the companies that distribute Coldplay’s music. I have yet to include social media tags. I think I shall include this in a small font amongst one of the images that I have not included any writing in. I am also planning on including some song lyrics in the empty spaces which will relate the digipak closer to my music video. So far I have obtained the colour scheme of green and blue. I would like to further explore different style of fonts as I feel that InDesign does not have a lot to offer that would suit my aesthetic.


Production Log 14

During my free study time I have been focusing on editing the footage I shot a week ago into my music video. I am also focusing on colour grading, and ensuring that my footage is smoothly transitioned in time with the beats.

To ensure that my music video does not repeat itself too often to look unconventional, I have written down the timings in which I need to include new footage. This is useful format to ensure that my music video remains engaging to the target audience! When colour grading also, I keep in mind that I would like quite a strong vibrancy scheme to contrast with bleak tones at points in my music video. This promotes a happy positive tone, and with only on average 10% of my music video in bleak colouring, evokes more positives than negatives. In some areas I am completely transforming my music video, however in others I am just adjusting colours. This is a time consuming process however it is rewarding as I can end up satisfied with the result.

Another project I am working on in class time is my dgipak. The digipak is slightly more time consuming than my advert, as there are 6 individual images that need editing to be incorporated, as well as text. To build a basic structure, I searched Google images for a digipak structure, and then pasted this onto my InDesign document. I have edited my images in Photoshop. To find out more about image manipulation select here.

I would like to finish a second draft for my music video relatively soon, and also finish my digipak. I am also working on a rushes log for my production process which I would like to post as soon as possible.

Production Log 13

Recently in the course I have completed a first draft of my advert for my music video. I feel that there is a lot to improve, but overall I am happy with this as a structure to work from. I have used the programs, Photoshop and InDesign to complete this. This took me around an hour to complete, and wasn’t a difficult task.

I wanted to closely relate my music advert to music album it came from. I completed this by filling in the stars with the ‘Mylo Xyloto’ album cover. This provides a burst of colour to the basic colour scheme. I have also included one of my props, the ‘world’ to provide some individuality of my work in the advert. I edited the background image originally on Photoshop, and then I added the text, and the images on InDesign. I also wanted to keep the colours closely relating to my music video, using green, blue, and white.

To improve, I am going to enlarge the stars, the title, and the ‘paradise’ labelling. I may change the background image to reflect the narrative once I have more footage, to show more of an exploring side of the protagonist. However, overall I am happy with this as a first draft.

Production Log 12

Recently in the course I have shot some more footage for my music video. I shot this in Denham Green, which was originally a filming location I desired to film in. Luckily it was a sunny day, as my music video aims to be positive and up-lifting.

Overall the filming was successful, and I am extremely pleased with the shots. They all suit my music video aesthetic and with some colour grading, I believe that they will look impressive. I wanted to show more versatility in my music video, so to do so I completed another filming session. I made this edit using iMovie, and then put this onto YouTube.

When filming, I discovered that holding my thumb over the corner of my lens slightly darkens, and blurs the shot. I really liked the effect of this. To view this select on the ‘raw footage’ shot below. When taking my thumb off, the vibrancy of the picture automatically increased which provided a burst of colour into the picture.

My next step is to edit these shots into my music video and then see if I have anymore gaps. If I have gaps in my footage I have decided that I will film some shots in my house to strengthen the narrative, however if this is not necessary then I shall leave the music video as it is. Shooting is time consuming and I have already shot 5 sessions – if there is no need then I shall leave the shooting process here and work on the editing, and creation of my advertisements. This week I also aspire to get stuck into creating my draft advertisement. I feel that this will be a fun, light task.