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Here is my personel post which describes the people who will be present at the set, and details of their specific job role. Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.47.07


Planning Review

Here is a video where I talk about my planning section, what influenced my pieces the most, what was the most time consuming and how exactly planning helped. I created this on photobooth on my mac and then uploaded to youtube.

Shot List

Here is a scribd I have created which lists all the shots I desire to take, at what exact time. I have also included elements such as the colour grading, which will speed up the process of adjusting the colour when it comes to this. To view the document, select the image below, where a new tab will show the document.

shot list.png

Auditions/Test Shots

For my birthday in June, I received a present which was a Canon 550D. I aimed to become comfortable with the functions of the video setting before I began to film for my actual music video, so this would make the duration of filming far quicker. I took the camera on my holiday to Portugal. This was exciting as I could film sceneries but also take images and video of the holiday for my own personal enjoyment! Here i have composed a series of shots of different things, such as sceneries and people which will be two of the main subjects in my music video. I have decided to not use this footage in my music video, as my music video evokes quite a wintery/autumnal feel, and with locating summery shots would make the shot look slightly random and out of place!