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Proposal Feedback

I am currently in the stage of the course where I have enough coursework to complete this post! I have decided to complete a proposal feedback post to see how tightly I have stuck to my proposal regarding my aims and intentions, and what more I could possibly include.


Audience Representations in my music video

Here I have completed a powerpoint, out of my own interest, on the different representations that are conveyed in my music video. I researched into different political, and social categories and then thought about what these social groups would think of my music video. I found this activity interesting and insightful. Targeting my music video to a wide demographic, meant that all these opinions are possibilities.

Chosen Locations

I have decided on my final locations in the course. Here is a post whereby I shall be explaining why I have chosen these locations, with the pros and cons. I feel that the location choice is quintessential to my success of my music video. I want my music video to be located in greenery – the music video describes a ‘paradise’ in which this is the paradise described. The locations also have to be visually appealing and quiet – I want my actor to be the centre of attention in the music video, and I feel that people in the background would disrupt this. I have included a post containing more detail on each location, with images, in my resource audit, and my muse-en-scene list.

Ruislip Lido

Although advised not to, I decided I wanted to film in Ruislip Lido. I felt that it is a nearby location, and is pretty, so I began to question why not. My main locations at Ruislip Lido filming are: the pier at the end of the lake, the greenery area and the climbing area. The only problem I had when filming outside was the lighting. It was a bright day, meaning I had to tone down the amplitude. I got a range of shots from this day, including mid shots, over the shoulder shots, and extreme close ups. The locations were extremely picturesque, and I am happy with the footage I filmed on this day.

Richmond Park

Having visited Richmond Park numerous amount of times, I have come to the realisation that this is the perfect place to film. The location includes wildlife such as deer, roaming free. I feel that this is a great opportunity for filming. Although the location is at quite a distance, I feel that the filming opportunity would be definitely worth it. The location is quiet, and large, with a range of resources to film by such as a lake, plenty of greenery and pretty hutches. In my plan this location is included and I feel that this is a unique location to film in because of the distance, and the features of the location.

Northolt Hills

I feel that the Northolt Hills is quite a good location to film to accompany the shots that comment on the world. I feel that this is because on the top of the hills, this reflects the scenery and each building is minimised. I also believe that this location would suit the aesthetic of my music video with it being quite a green area. However, my main concern with this location is that this place is quite a tourist destination and could be a busy location to film. However I am willing to compromise and film in a busy location for pretty shots. What also interests me about this location is that the hills are created with excess mud left over from Wembley arena.

Haydon School Classroom

I am filming at Haydon School as I need a dichotomy of natural light and artificial light to show the parallels of the story line. I shall be filming in a classroom. I also need books as a prop to symbolise education and how education is weighing Ellie down. I feel that a classroom would be perfect for this, as there will be books in the classroom – meaning I do not have to carry this heavy prop. It is also useful that the equipment is at Haydon School, as this means that I have a variety of choice when it comes to what device I want to use.