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Editing on Premier

Here is an Emaze I created discussing my editing steps on premier! This is the steps I took to result in my first draft. To access the file, select the picture below and you shall be navigated to a new tab to view the file.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 10.09.35.png


Font Experimenting

I have created a file on InDesign which demonstrates my experimentation of different styles of fonts. I feel that this was essential prior to the creation of my digipak, as this will contain quite a lot of styles and fonts. I just used the standard fonts provided on Indesign. To potentially expand my horizons I could research into some more fonts via websites. However, I am pleased with the fonts I have found therefore I shall be leaving my font exploration at this. font-testing

Contact Sheets

Here are some contact sheets which contain the images I shall be using on my blog, advert, digipak and in my music video. Many of the images are just simple time lapses, and some are images I have taken and edited of my protagonist. This is a simple way to display my images taken, and take into consideration what images I actually want to use.

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Time Lapse Attempt 1

Here is the first attempt of a time lapse. I shall not be using this in my first draft, as I completed this for the purpose of gaining some experience using the programs. To complete this, I set the intervalometer to automatically take an image every 10 seconds.I left this setting on for an hour, to capture the movement of the sun and clouds. I set the intervalometer to 10 seconds so this would produce smooth footage, which would not be jolty. On premier, I edited the images together to have a duration of 0.2 seconds. I then pasted the separate sequence onto my footage, which was smooth and able for me to cut and manipulate into my music video.