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Digipak and Advert Audience Feedback

Today I gained audience feedback with Jess whom is a media student. We looked at each others works and gave comments regarding what we thought was successful and what could be potentially improved. With just recently creating my first draft of my digipak and advert I felt the need to gain different perspectives on what I could improve. I decided to choose Jess to complete this as she is a high achieving media student, and is in the process of A levels herself which shows she is knowledgeable in this field. It was also really useful to provide feedback for her work, as this provided inspiration but was also insightful to see how differing music genres cause a shift of colour scheme, and representations of protagonists.



Digipak First Draft

Here is my first draft for my digipak. I created this via InDesign which also provided me with a template.

I still have a lot of areas to work on, for example the blank photographs, and the title page. To make my digipak successful when folded, I also need to flip the top section of the digipak so it is upside down, meaning it would be the correct way up when folded. I shall be experimenting with different fonts and I shall also be including some song lyrics on the blank images! Overall I am happy with the aesthetic of my digipak, it is vibrant and has a green and blue colour scheme which I intended prior the creation of my piece. I shall be working on this in the future.


Digipak Photo Template

Here I have completed inputting the images in for digipak. This was quite time consuming regarding the editing of the images, and choosing what would be the best for the front cover, back cover and the other squares. I found a basic template via Google images, I then pasted this onto an InDesign document, and then started inputting the images. This saved me time when measuring the squares. This also made the layout for my digipak conventional and appropriate.

I have also completed the title of the band and the title of the album. Here I shall be playing and testing the boundaries of conventions by including a range of different fonts. I have also included the CD cover which is the circle of the world. I shall be adding some text onto this page, however I am happy with the image selection. I have also included the template which I used for my digipak. I felt that it was essential to include as this offered me great help in the creation of this photo template.

My next stage is to put in the text, and then I shall have a final first draft of a digipak. I wanted to post this so I could record my progress which would be essential for my evaluation and self reflection.



Advert First Draft

I have completed the first draft of my advert for my music video. I feel that there is a lot to improve, but overall I am happy with this as a structure to work from. I have used the programs, Photoshop and InDesign to complete this.

I wanted to closely relate my music advert to music album it came from. I completed this by filling in the stars with the ‘Mylo Xyloto’ album cover. This provides a burst of colour to the basic colour scheme. I have also included one of my props, the ‘world’ to provide some individuality of my work in the advert. I edited the background image originally on Photoshop, and then I added the text, and the images on InDesign. I also wanted to keep the colours closely relating to my music video, using green, blue, and white.

To improve, I am going to enlarge the stars, the title, and the ‘paradise’ labelling. I may change the background image to reflect the narrative once I have more footage, to show more of an exploring side of the protagonist. However, overall I am happy with this as a first draft.


Analysing Survey Results

I have created a document via online word, where I am analysing my survey results. Here I take into consideration the target audience in comparison to the audience whom completed this, the devices in which I broadcasted, state my own opinions. To view this result in a larger picture, select the option below to open the document in a new tab. This shall show the A4 optimised image!

Audience Feedback

In todays media lesson myself and my peers decided to utilise our time by looking through each others music videos and critiquing from our subjective point of views. I found this a fun task as I could also get an insight from a media student point of view, however also gain inspiration from other peoples music video! I wanted to gain audience feedback from a media student point of view as I feel that the critiques would be more suited to the program used, Premier, as we are all in the process of using this. I gained some useful information, such unique editing styles I could include in my next draft.

Audience Feedback Survey

I have created a survey via survey monkey for my music video to gain audience feedback from a wider range of audiences. I included minimal questions which cover quite broad topics so my survey was not too time consuming. I posted this via social media, sent messages to family, I will post the link on my blog for people browsing my page.I shall be analysing my results in a week, where I can fully evaluate the answers.