Final Adverts

These are my final adverts, themed around Coldplay’s album, ‘Mylo Xyloto’. I created this via InDesign, however I edited the actual images on Photoshop. Overall I am pleased with the outcome with my posters. Some of the key features I had to maintain in my posters was important information such as the platforms it can be purchased on, the album name, and the band name. Overall this process wasn’t as time consuming as the creation of my Digipak and music video. However, it was still challenging as the arrangement of the titles have to be aligned to result in a finalised, conventional appearance. I decided to complete two as I could not decide what advert I preferred. I really did want top feature the face in one advert so that the audience can connect with my protagonist further, however I also felt that the second poster related to the theme of my music video more.




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