Production Log 15

I have recently been working on my digipak. I shall be updating my process and including in more detail the pros and cons.

This lesson I began inserting the text and particular detail for my digipak. This is quite a time consuming process as I want my digipak to look conventional. I have included key conventions such as bar codes, the actual CD, and some small logos which refer to the companies that distribute Coldplay’s music. I have yet to include social media tags. I think I shall include this in a small font amongst one of the images that I have not included any writing in. I am also planning on including some song lyrics in the empty spaces which will relate the digipak closer to my music video. So far I have obtained the colour scheme of green and blue. I would like to further explore different style of fonts as I feel that InDesign does not have a lot to offer that would suit my aesthetic.



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