Digipak Photo Template

Here I have completed inputting the images in for digipak. This was quite time consuming regarding the editing of the images, and choosing what would be the best for the front cover, back cover and the other squares. I found a basic template via Google images, I then pasted this onto an InDesign document, and then started inputting the images. This saved me time when measuring the squares. This also made the layout for my digipak conventional and appropriate.

I have also completed the title of the band and the title of the album. Here I shall be playing and testing the boundaries of conventions by including a range of different fonts. I have also included the CD cover which is the circle of the world. I shall be adding some text onto this page, however I am happy with the image selection. I have also included the template which I used for my digipak. I felt that it was essential to include as this offered me great help in the creation of this photo template.

My next stage is to put in the text, and then I shall have a final first draft of a digipak. I wanted to post this so I could record my progress which would be essential for my evaluation and self reflection.




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