Production Log 14

During my free study time I have been focusing on editing the footage I shot a week ago into my music video. I am also focusing on colour grading, and ensuring that my footage is smoothly transitioned in time with the beats.

To ensure that my music video does not repeat itself too often to look unconventional, I have written down the timings in which I need to include new footage. This is useful format to ensure that my music video remains engaging to the target audience! When colour grading also, I keep in mind that I would like quite a strong vibrancy scheme to contrast with bleak tones at points in my music video. This promotes a happy positive tone, and with only on average 10% of my music video in bleak colouring, evokes more positives than negatives. In some areas I am completely transforming my music video, however in others I am just adjusting colours. This is a time consuming process however it is rewarding as I can end up satisfied with the result.

Another project I am working on in class time is my dgipak. The digipak is slightly more time consuming than my advert, as there are 6 individual images that need editing to be incorporated, as well as text. To build a basic structure, I searched Google images for a digipak structure, and then pasted this onto my InDesign document. I have edited my images in Photoshop. To find out more about image manipulation select here.

I would like to finish a second draft for my music video relatively soon, and also finish my digipak. I am also working on a rushes log for my production process which I would like to post as soon as possible.


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