Advert First Draft

I have completed the first draft of my advert for my music video. I feel that there is a lot to improve, but overall I am happy with this as a structure to work from. I have used the programs, Photoshop and InDesign to complete this.

I wanted to closely relate my music advert to music album it came from. I completed this by filling in the stars with the ‘Mylo Xyloto’ album cover. This provides a burst of colour to the basic colour scheme. I have also included one of my props, the ‘world’ to provide some individuality of my work in the advert. I edited the background image originally on Photoshop, and then I added the text, and the images on InDesign. I also wanted to keep the colours closely relating to my music video, using green, blue, and white.

To improve, I am going to enlarge the stars, the title, and the ‘paradise’ labelling. I may change the background image to reflect the narrative once I have more footage, to show more of an exploring side of the protagonist. However, overall I am happy with this as a first draft.



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