Production Log 12

Recently in the course I have shot some more footage for my music video. I shot this in Denham Green, which was originally a filming location I desired to film in. Luckily it was a sunny day, as my music video aims to be positive and up-lifting.

Overall the filming was successful, and I am extremely pleased with the shots. They all suit my music video aesthetic and with some colour grading, I believe that they will look impressive. I wanted to show more versatility in my music video, so to do so I completed another filming session. I made this edit using iMovie, and then put this onto YouTube.

When filming, I discovered that holding my thumb over the corner of my lens slightly darkens, and blurs the shot. I really liked the effect of this. To view this select on the ‘raw footage’ shot below. When taking my thumb off, the vibrancy of the picture automatically increased which provided a burst of colour into the picture.

My next step is to edit these shots into my music video and then see if I have anymore gaps. If I have gaps in my footage I have decided that I will film some shots in my house to strengthen the narrative, however if this is not necessary then I shall leave the music video as it is. Shooting is time consuming and I have already shot 5 sessions – if there is no need then I shall leave the shooting process here and work on the editing, and creation of my advertisements. This week I also aspire to get stuck into creating my draft advertisement. I feel that this will be a fun, light task.


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