Production Log 9

Recently in the course I have been focusing on the colour grading in my music video. I have completed the majority of the editing now, however I have some gaps which need to be filled for my final first draft. I really enjoy the colour grading as I feel this brings together the whole music video, and provides a happy, and dark tone in the areas I want this to be evoked in my music video. For example, in the chorus which is a particularly upbeat moment in the song I have increased the colour saturation, making everything bold, and colourful. In the dim moment in the verses i have decreased the saturation and highlighted the darker sections in the image to evoke a slightly melancholy tone.

I have not been working on my blog recently as I have met the deadline for the research and planning section, and am attempting to meet the deadline on Friday for the final first draft of the music video to be completed. This is a challenge but I am determined to meet with this.

I have also organised a fifth filming date with my protagonist, Ellie, at Denham Green. Like my other locations, it is extremely picturesque and I feel that this would suit the music video tone. I shall be filming with my canon, however the go pro could potentially be a second option. I would also like to show more of a variety of locations in my music video, and with putting in a fifth location this is fulfilling this motive.


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