Go Pro Footage

Here I have created a montage of the raw footage from the go pro. Filming with the Go Pro was a simple task.  It was hassle free, with the click of a button, and the smooth filming of the Gimbel I felt that this was a really effective filming method for beginners like myself. The go pro was also extremely portable, with it being small enough to simply fit in my bag! It also captured slight movements in high detail, such as Ellie’s hair moving in the wind. The Gimbel provided efficient as smooth filming even when I was walking, and moving up and down myself…

However, I attempted editing the Go Pro footage into my music video, and it just did not flow. There was a clear difference in the resolution of the picture, which made it look unconventional and unprofessional. The color in the picture was also at a low quality compared to my canon 550D. I have decided to not include this footage in my music video, however I wanted to post my reasoning’s why, and my experience’s with this equipment.


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