Production Log 8

Recently I have finished all the planning compulsory planning sections, and I am currently also working on my music video at school, in the half term. I am excited about the project however I am facing some difficulties whilst making my music video.

One difficulty I am facing is the amount of footage I have. Although I have been out to shoot 4 times, I am lacking the amount of footage to fill in certain gaps of the song. Although I planned using some cards, I did not bring the cards along and follow accordingly, which was a mistake. As a result of my mistakes, I am going out to film sometime during the week with my actor, Ellie, at Denham Green. This location is picturesque like my other locations so I feel that this will fit into the natural, autumnal aesthetic, and will not look random. I feel that perhaps this mistake happened for a reason, I believe that filming at Denham will add more to my music video. Also becoming more experienced with filming, I feel like this could be a successful shoot for myself.

One technical difficulty I am facing with my filming is cutting at the exact beat, and knowing enough is enough regarding the amount of cuts… I also have re-used some of my footage which may look unconventional and unprofessional, but this is due to the deadlines and the lack of footage I have discovered through the process of editing. I wish I started filming earlier so I knew the gaps I had to fill before I began filming! However this is my mistake which I have learnt from.



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