Production Log 7

Recently I have been editing my footage into a premier file, which shall soon be my first draft. In lesson, I have been focusing more on the music video moreover the blogging aspect. I have been completing the planning section at home.

One difficulty I am facing with my music video is getting my footage to appear exactly how I planned in my head. I discovered that some of my footage was not set at the same amplitude, making the footage colouration differ from clip to clip. To resolve this I shall be colour grading once i have finished combining all my shots together. I am planning on coming into school on both the days available – the Monday, and the Tuesday. I feel that I need as much time as I can get with the program premier at school, as this is not accessible on my computer at home. I am excited however for the outcome of my first draft… I have been following tutorials which show me how to export, create time lapse, and create my initial file. I feel that this is the quickest learning format for myself personally, as if I mishear any of the instructions I can select back to the clip and listen once over.

I filmed today at school, with Ellie Wiseman. I felt that this footage was successful – however I feel that I did not get enough for what I needed. The props I used were school books, some paper, and a pen – in which this all suited the setting of the classroom. When editing the footage together, I discovered some gaps in the footage, which I need to film again to fill the gaps. This is frustrating however a lesson to plan my shooting prior going out to film.


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