Production Log 6

Yesterday I filmed at Richmond Park. The equipment i took was my go pro, and my canon 550D. I felt that the filming opportunity was successful and beneficial to myself! In the location there were wild animals such as deer, roaming free in the park, which was a brilliant opportunity to film. I collected a range of shots from close ups, to wide shots. I also filmed using the go pro, for shots including close ups of Ellie’s hair, and Ellie’s facial expressions. Overall the filming duration was 1 hour and a half. I am happy with the outcome, and I shall be posting some of my footage on my blog in the nearer future.

This week I aspire to film at school, and also move through the planning section. I am around a third through the planning section, which is on track. Some of the tasks I need to complete are minor and will not take long, for example the actor release. However, I have not completed a post of my initial ideas which should have been my first choice. I intend on finishing the planning section by the end of next week and my filming, so over the duration of the October half term I can edit my first draft. This would allow me to meet all my deadlines for coursework!


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