Contact with the Band

Above is the email I have sent off to Parlophone, the record label in which Coldplay have signed to. I have mentioned how I shall not be taking any credit for the song, and the reasons behind me using the song! Below is the email, and underneath is proof of my email.

My name is Sarah Page, I am 17 years of age and I am emailing you regarding my A2 media coursework that I am taking in Haydon school, Northwest London, England.
A part of my course I have to create a music video, to a chosen existing song, I am asking permission from you at Parlophone to use the song ‘Paradise’ by ‘Coldplay’ a meaningful song which I believe would work very well for my music video. I will also take no credit for the song, all the credit will go to Coldplay, I am merely using the song as I love it.
I would very much appreciate if you could respond to my email, allowing me to use permission the song for my coursework.
Thank you so much and kind regards
Sarah Page’



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