Production Log 5

I have recently finished my research tasks which took around a few weeks to complete effectively. I attempted to include a range of different media devices such as Prezi, video, soundcloud, emaze, scridb, power point and simple word device. I shall however be going back and improving each of my posts when possible, to make sure that they are in maximum detail, which would result in me optimising the marks available to me.

This Friday, I intend to go out filming in Richmond Park. I have borrowed a go pro from school which I shall be using for slow motion movement. I have also borrowed a ‘Gimble’ – the Gimble is a small device which makes movement for the go pro smooth and effective, even with slight wobbly movement. I also have borrowed from school a set of tools which allow me to attach the go pro to many objects.

I hope to document my filming set up, and in order to do this I am going to film my filming with my canon, and fast forward this. I also hope to talk through my filming set up, including elements such as the lighting, the equipment used, and the location mise en scene.


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