Production Log 4

Today I completed some filming with my protagonist, Ellie. I found this activity fun and exciting, alongside beneficial to my learning as a media student. I used a canon 550D, and a prime lens.

We attended the location of Northala Fields. This is the fields in Northolt that contain hills. I felt that filming in this location was key to making my music video suit the structure in my mind best!

Being morning people, myself and Ellie always enjoy filming early in the morning, which is perfect as in the morning locations such as the fields are usually empty making it a comfortable location to film. In addition, we were lucky as it was a sunny day, making the location look picturesque and perfect for what I wanted!

Filming was difficult however. With it being a sunny day, one difficulty I did find was actually being able to see my footage. I struggled with this; all I could see in my camera screen was my reflection. This made it difficult when trying to focus the lens on my protagonist. Looking back at my footage, I found that a lot of my footage which I thought was focused, was actually not. However, I still got some really good shots, and with my song being cut down, this means that there is less of a demand for a high amount of footage to be filmed.

With the weather being sunny, I also found it difficult to set the lighting correctly. A lot of the shots were over exposed causing the footage to be further blurry. However, I am happy with the outcome of the successful shots I took. This has just reminded me that there are negatives to sunny weather! In the future I shall make sure that everything is focused.


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