Go Pro Footage

Here I have created a montage of the raw footage from the go pro. Filming with the Go Pro was a simple task.  It was hassle free, with the click of a button, and the smooth filming of the Gimbel I felt that this was a really effective filming method for beginners like myself. The go pro was also extremely portable, with it being small enough to simply fit in my bag! It also captured slight movements in high detail, such as Ellie’s hair moving in the wind. The Gimbel provided efficient as smooth filming even when I was walking, and moving up and down myself…

However, I attempted editing the Go Pro footage into my music video, and it just did not flow. There was a clear difference in the resolution of the picture, which made it look unconventional and unprofessional. The color in the picture was also at a low quality compared to my canon 550D. I have decided to not include this footage in my music video, however I wanted to post my reasoning’s why, and my experience’s with this equipment.


Production Log 9

Recently in the course I have been focusing on the colour grading in my music video. I have completed the majority of the editing now, however I have some gaps which need to be filled for my final first draft. I really enjoy the colour grading as I feel this brings together the whole music video, and provides a happy, and dark tone in the areas I want this to be evoked in my music video. For example, in the chorus which is a particularly upbeat moment in the song I have increased the colour saturation, making everything bold, and colourful. In the dim moment in the verses i have decreased the saturation and highlighted the darker sections in the image to evoke a slightly melancholy tone.

I have not been working on my blog recently as I have met the deadline for the research and planning section, and am attempting to meet the deadline on Friday for the final first draft of the music video to be completed. This is a challenge but I am determined to meet with this.

I have also organised a fifth filming date with my protagonist, Ellie, at Denham Green. Like my other locations, it is extremely picturesque and I feel that this would suit the music video tone. I shall be filming with my canon, however the go pro could potentially be a second option. I would also like to show more of a variety of locations in my music video, and with putting in a fifth location this is fulfilling this motive.

Shot List

Here is a scribd I have created which lists all the shots I desire to take, at what exact time. I have also included elements such as the colour grading, which will speed up the process of adjusting the colour when it comes to this. To view the document, select the image below, where a new tab will show the document.

shot list.png

Production Log 8

Recently I have finished all the planning compulsory planning sections, and I am currently also working on my music video at school, in the half term. I am excited about the project however I am facing some difficulties whilst making my music video.

One difficulty I am facing is the amount of footage I have. Although I have been out to shoot 4 times, I am lacking the amount of footage to fill in certain gaps of the song. Although I planned using some cards, I did not bring the cards along and follow accordingly, which was a mistake. As a result of my mistakes, I am going out to film sometime during the week with my actor, Ellie, at Denham Green. This location is picturesque like my other locations so I feel that this will fit into the natural, autumnal aesthetic, and will not look random. I feel that perhaps this mistake happened for a reason, I believe that filming at Denham will add more to my music video. Also becoming more experienced with filming, I feel like this could be a successful shoot for myself.

One technical difficulty I am facing with my filming is cutting at the exact beat, and knowing enough is enough regarding the amount of cuts… I also have re-used some of my footage which may look unconventional and unprofessional, but this is due to the deadlines and the lack of footage I have discovered through the process of editing. I wish I started filming earlier so I knew the gaps I had to fill before I began filming! However this is my mistake which I have learnt from.


Auditions/Test Shots

For my birthday in June, I received a present which was a Canon 550D. I aimed to become comfortable with the functions of the video setting before I began to film for my actual music video, so this would make the duration of filming far quicker. I took the camera on my holiday to Portugal. This was exciting as I could film sceneries but also take images and video of the holiday for my own personal enjoyment! Here i have composed a series of shots of different things, such as sceneries and people which will be two of the main subjects in my music video. I have decided to not use this footage in my music video, as my music video evokes quite a wintery/autumnal feel, and with locating summery shots would make the shot look slightly random and out of place!