Production Log 3

This is a production Log whereby I shall be evaluating my progress in the course so far, my struggles and what I found exciting. I shall also be commenting on what I have learnt so far.

Recently I have decided to work on my planning posts. I need to plan my music video efficiently prior filming, to ensure that filming is a comfortable process. I am creating my resource audit. A resource audit is a post that describes each bit of equipment, and mise en scene that I shall be using. I am finding this a useful process as it also reminds me of what opportunities I am opened up to regarding filming.

On the whole I am feeling slightly questionable about the course – I am unsure as to how my work will turn out. I am taking a gamble with the ‘narrative structure’. This could ultimately turn out effective or look completely unprofessional!

To ease my nerves on this topic I have created a story board. In my mind, the music video appears successful, however what is dependant on my success now is the quality of my footage.


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