Raw Footage

Here is a short video I put together of the footage I shot when I went out filming in Ruislip Lido. I feel that the footage is weak regarding quality – this is because I did not properly export, and I also completed this video on iMovie rather than premier pro. I also used a canon 550D including the prime lens. However, I feel creating this video and playing around with the footage was really beneficial to myself as this enabled me to gain some skills regarding editing.

Looking through the footage made me realise how important framing is also. I felt that in some of my footage the framing cut out certain random parts of Ellie, such as her head or her feet. I feel that this has made me aware of this problem, so next time I can act upon this.

Another fault I identified was how the camera jolted. I feel that my filming was not steady, and I was not properly focused on my role which is filming. I was more focused on telling Ellie what she had to do. This has made me realise how important both roles are, especially as my music video is a narrative!

However, I am happy with how the footage came out and I shall be definitely using some of this footage in my music video.


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