Production Log 2

This is my production Log 2. Here I shall be discussing my process in the course and how I intend to better my performance in the near future.

Recently, I have been out to the location of Ruislip Lido to film my actor, Ellie. I found this an enjoyable experience however difficult. I suffered difficulty with keeping the camera steady. I brought my canon 550D, alongside the prime lens. I also brought the handheld tripod, and my own tripod. I discovered that my tripod is not suitable to use for later use – the tripod is not steady at all and my camera kept repetitively falling into the river!

However, I found the experience useful to when I film in the future. My next filming location is far more highly prioritised. This means that I will know what to do and what not to do next time.

On my blog, I have been working on the research section. I have been attempting to get through 4 tasks a week so I can keep on top of my filming and workload. I am enjoying the course thoroughly so far, as it brings in an element of creativity which I always enjoy.


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