Production Log 1

My feelings towards the task are excitement, however nervousness and also curiosity as to how my product will turn out. I have a clear picture in my mind of how I would like my music video to turn out – however it may be hard to do so, or my shots may not turn out as successful as desired.

I am mid way through completing my story board. It is a time consuming process, and allows a lot of thinking which means having your mind switched on is compulsory! I have completed my story board on cards. I feel that the cards will be an easy format to present my music video as I can flick through whilst filming. I feel that the story board is such an important process, as personally, I like to be prepared and to take as little time filming as possible so it is less time consuming for my performer, who is kind enough to let me use her!

The person I have chosen to be featured in my music video is Ellie Wiseman. Ellie fits the girl described in the lyrics perfectly – Ellie is a very natural girl (does not wear makeup), however she also loves to travel and explore just as the story line quotes, ‘when she was just a girl, she expected the world.’ I feel that she would also enjoy the filming which is a key factor as her happiness is not wholly forced in the filming!

My next step is to get out and film next week – I have plenty of time to film however i would like to get this done as soon as possible so I can move onto the editing and complete my first draft before October half term.


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