Music Video

The three styles i could potentially theme my music video on are:

Performance – This structure relies heavily on the performer. This style includes lip syncing, whilst acting in a location of choice. For example, Adele, ‘Hello’ uses the performance style. As a soloist, she sings on her own meanwhile also acting out her pain whilst suffering with heartache! This would be a difficult theme to select due to the quality of the actor would have to be high standards to make the music video look professional. However, with recreating this style with a band, this includes instruments, a suitable location and a singer with fellow band members. Mumford and sons, ‘little lion heart’ was one take, shot all at once from different camera angles, and then edited to produce the music video. This style is time efficient however also difficult to produce as I do not know a band in which I could use for this.

Narrative – The narrative technique shows a different take on music video. This is similar to a short film however no speaking unless occasional lip syncing. The narrative acts out a story to portray a message behind the song. I feel that this type of music video would be most suitable for me as with the resources I have, I could make this happen. This also interests me the most. For example, ‘wake me up’ by Avicii portrays a message clearly and this is the main focus of the music video.

Conceptual – This example is unrelated to the first two, however this option does not appeal to me because I do not like the idea of having a display of short videos that work with the song but not necessarily go after one another. I enjoy structure and a tight story lines to music videos, not making my music video too ambiguous or confusing to view.


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