Music Video Inspiration

I have spent the day watching over music videos to inspire me regarding locations, shots, and how the actor in the music video is represented.

I was inspired by this music video, due to the narrative structure and the story behind the music video as a whole – having a dreams and belonging. I really enjoyed the long shots of the open scenery. The acting is utilized to give the song a different meaning than I perceived originally.

This is one of my favorite music videos – however this would be difficult to recreate due to limited locations. However, this music video inspired me as similar to the first, puts across a useful message for audiences whilst gives the song a purpose.

I liked the use of shots in this music video – for example the shot from inside the car whilst the singer is cleaning the front side of the car. The use of scenery once again in this music video I find visually pleasing and would like to potentially attempt to replicate the creative shots in my music video.

This is the song that I have been pondering upon to use for my music video. I feel that the lyrics are easy to follow and have inspired me for shots. However if I use this song I will not be able to include lip syncing because I would want to use a female in the video, however a male is singing. I find the song slowly builds up which would result in a release at the end which I could show in my music video.


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