Research into Music Labels

Here is a PowerPoint showing my research into music record labels. I have completed this via online power point.


Analysing Real Main Task

Here is a video that I have created with me highlighting the post modernist attitudes in Chris Brown’s, ‘ayo’ The volume did not sucsessfully record, meaning you will have to turn your volume up to hear what I am saying. This post shows my outside knowledge in media and how I can bring my analytical skills to better myself as a media student, and gain more knowledge regarding present music videos. I have made this video with an element of humour, which I have included to make my video more engaging.

Production Log 3

This is a production Log whereby I shall be evaluating my progress in the course so far, my struggles and what I found exciting. I shall also be commenting on what I have learnt so far.

Recently I have decided to work on my planning posts. I need to plan my music video efficiently prior filming, to ensure that filming is a comfortable process. I am creating my resource audit. A resource audit is a post that describes each bit of equipment, and mise en scene that I shall be using. I am finding this a useful process as it also reminds me of what opportunities I am opened up to regarding filming.

On the whole I am feeling slightly questionable about the course – I am unsure as to how my work will turn out. I am taking a gamble with the ‘narrative structure’. This could ultimately turn out effective or look completely unprofessional!

To ease my nerves on this topic I have created a story board. In my mind, the music video appears successful, however what is dependant on my success now is the quality of my footage.